Friday, March 1, 2013

A Slice of My Life

What other way to start this challenge... this
reflection... this journey... than with a combination
of three of my greatest loves:  reading, children,
and writing?  As a child, my love of books was
apparent.  I gravitated toward the book shelf in
the basement of my childhood home.  My fingers
seemed to have a mind of their own.  They were
drawn to the worn books.  I'd find a quiet hiding
spot, the chosen book in my hands.  Run my finger
along the spine.  Open the cover.  Inhale and smile.
Eagerly turn the pages... my imagination taking flight.
This love of reading, which would later in elementary
school develop into a fascination with mysteries like
Nancy Drew, fantasies like The Chronicles of
Narnia, and stories of strong women like Annie Oakley, had a simple beginning:  Dr. Seuss books.  It was through reading books written by Dr. Seuss that I explored language and was hooked into the reading world.  This love of literature is one of my favorite parts of me.  As I graduated from high school, I was able to start sharing this love with my nephews and nieces.  I became the favorite aunt at family get-togethers... the one who would play with them, and, I think more importantly, the one who would read to them any time they wanted.  And what did I read to them?  The same Dr. Seuss books I had read as a child.  The love of reading and sharing with children became so important to me that I chose to become a Language Arts teacher.  For twenty-two years, I've been able to expose my students to a great love, and in many, I was able to ignite that spark in them too.  So here, on the eve of Theodor Seuss Geisel's birthday, is a  moment in life... just a small slice... one of my favorites from years ago...


Quiet and insistent,
his voice reaches me first...
     "CC, the fish book.  Read the fish."
Smiles meet
as Brett toddles to me
clutching the book
in his small hands.
     "Read the fish, CC."

As soon as I sit
on the green shag carpet,
Brett plops down onto my lap.
We are a perfect fit--
his blond curls tickling my chin,
the clean smell of soap,
my arms surrounding him
as we carefully hold
the worn book.

We turn to the first page.
     "This little fish..."
I read
without looking at the words.
Instead, my eyes focus
on Brett's hands--
small, pale, soft--
holding onto the sides
of the book, then straightening
a chubby index finger
to point at a drawing
of Otto, the gold fish
who grew too much.

I drink in the murmur
of quiet voices,
laughter, and
the gentle rustle of paper
as Brett turns the page.


  1. Hi Ro,

    Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge! I loved reading about how your love of reading was sparked and sustained (as well as spread) throughout the years. What a wonderful celebration of inspiring a love of reading in others paired up with a celebration of Dr. Seuss.

    I noticed on the TWT blog that you were mentioning you weren't sure if you posted the correct link. You actually posted the link to your blog, rather than the link specific to this post. As part of the tech support for the challenge, I will go ahead and reply to your post there with the correct link:

    1. Thank you for your nice comment, Mrs. V, and for your help with my link. I think I figured it out today... :)

  2. Warmth.
    I drink in the murmur
    of quiet voices,
    laughter, and
    the gentle rustle of paper
    as Brett turns the page.

    Beautiful imagery.

    Oh, and welcome to the slice challenge for March. I did it last year. I look forward to hearing more about your life. You loved books and for the past 22 years you have shared your love of books with your students. Now you get to share with us!

    1. Thank you, Pamela, for the compliment and the welcome... :) I do look forward to sharing with this group.